Quarter 3 Update #5 (1/11/22 School Messenger)

Aloha Lions Ohana,

We have also seen a number of students out ill with other illnesses.  We are asking that all parents be especially aware of your student's health over the next week so we can curb this surge.  I hope we are seeing the peak right now.  We continue to use effective mitigation strategies such as masking and vaccinations and they are proving effective as large breakouts in classrooms have not happened, although we have seen a few cases of classroom spread recently.  We will continue to examine these situations and instill specific countermeasures if needed.

One of the things we are working on is getting another vaccination clinic as those who are vaccinated seem less susceptible to the disease and get better much sooner if they do get it. In addition, if they are exposed, they can stay on campus vs. quarantine at home so they don't miss school unnecessarily.   We sent home a half-page survey yesterday to see if we have enough interested parties, however, we were asked for an electronic version for those who are stuck at home or who may not have received it.  Please go to bit.ly/vaccsurvey2022 to take the survey if you did not already turn in a hard copy from yesterday. 

Lastly, I want to invite you all to our quarter 3 Principals Coffee Hour on Friday from 8-8:45 am.  I will talk about upcoming events in the 3rd quarter, the current COVID situation, our new pergola (which is ALMOST done thanks to Mr. Vic, Mrs. Leona, Mr. Danny, and other volunteers, and possible upcoming construction on H1.   Please join us at meet.google.com/oyd-qwrb-ahw

I know the numbers are daunting and scary.  We assure you that we are all concerned as well.  We are making sure our staff gets their boosters as much as possible and are taking every realistic measure to protect your children while maintaining the classroom instruction to ensure your children do not lose out on their education more than has already happened due to this pandemic.  We stay committed to teaching your children to the best of our ability throughout this time.  If ever any student or family needs our help, all you have to do is ask.  We will do what we can to assist.  We do this because, We are the Lions. We are the Future!


Mr. Larkin



Daniel Larkin, US Navy (Retired)


Kalihi Waena Elementary

Home of the MIGHTY LIONS!

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