Quarter 3 Update #1 - Welcome Back to Quarter 3!

Aloha Lions,
As we welcome a new year we also welcome everyone back to school in a challenging situation.  With COVID cases rising both throughout the state and within our school, it is important that we all remain vigilant.  As such there are a few reminders that I have for everyone to keep in mind as well as a few enhanced safety measures until the numbers return to more reasonable levels.  First the changes:
  1. All staff meetings will be held virtually until the average case counts return to under 200/day for 14 days straight.
  2. Staff will be encouraged to eat their lunch in separate locations to minimize the chance for cross-grade level spread through staff.
  3. More staff are being hired to monitor the cafeteria during lunch.  As such, the #1 direction will be for them to have students put masks back on as soon as finished eating.  Bathroom opportunities will be limited to 3 students out at a time with only one staff member controlling the flow to the bathroom.
Continued, but emphasized measures that have some small changes:
  1. Kindergarten students will be held in the cafeteria vs. outside in the morning until the end of the year. Parents will drop them off at the parking lot side door.  One staff member and two 5th grade JPO's will help monitor the students in the cafeteria. 
  2. Masking is mandatory at all times, including walking outside, unless completely alone. i.e. no one else in the room, no one within 30' outside.  Of course, eating/drinking is the exception.  
  3. Students eating snacks must do so spaced at least 6' apart outside.  We encourage H2O drinking to be done outside as well. 
Continued highly emphasized measures.
  1. Masking.  This is our number one defense.
  2. Quarantine rules.
    1. If Vaccinated and exposed to COVID-19
      1. Continue to come to work/school, but get tested 5-7 days from exposure
      2. Monitor for COVID symptoms for 14 days
      3. If symptoms present, stay home and isolate for 10 days, or if a negative COVID test, then stay home at least 24 hours after symptoms have improved (the flu is also going around).
    2. If Unvaccinated and exposed to COVID-19
      1. Get tested immediately and again 5-7 days from exposure
      2. Isolate for at least 10 days. (if you are in the same household and cannot isolate yourself from that person you will have to stay out for a total of 20 days)
      3. Monitor for COVID symptoms for 14 days
  3. Handwashing upon entering the classroom, after every recess, before and after eating, after sneezing or coughing. 
  4. Get vaccinated if you are able to.  
  5. Get the booster if you are able to.
  6. If you traveled out of state and are not vaccinated you must quarantine for 10 days after arriving back to the islands.  If you are vaccinated we ask that you get a post-travel test 5-7 days after returning from your trip, however, you can continue to come to work/school in the interim. 
  7. We are asking that any student who has received the COVID vaccination, other than those who received it at our school clinic, please turn in a copy to the office or email a copy to our health aide, Mrs. Portillo at gina_portillo@kwes.k12.hi.us  This will help us track which students if exposed at school, can remain in class vs. immediate isolation. 
With this world changing so rapidly, it is extremely important for us to always be able to communicate.  If your phone number changes, you add an email, you move, or any changes in your household that impact your ability to communicate, please let our school know immediately, this holds true for students, parents, and staff.  We strive to be transparent with you all and will continue to do so.  If ever you need clarification on any communication or need assistance with anything else, please don't hesitate to ask.  We are here to serve.  
Have a wonderful and peaceful New Year!  
We are the Lions. We are the Future! 
Daniel Larkin, US Navy (Retired)
Kalihi Waena Elementary
Home of the MIGHTY LIONS!
W: 808-832-3210
C: 808-366-0140
Secondary email: daniel_larkin@k12.hi.us
School address: 1240 Gulick Ave. Honolulu, HI 96819