Kalihi Waena SY 2020-21 Q4 Update #15 (6/1/21)

Happy Summer Kalihi Waena ‘Ohana!

I have a few announcements related to the end of our 2020-21 school year:

#1. Please return any devices you borrowed. Any devices not returned, and their power cords, will be considered lost or stolen and parents will be charged the full replacement cost.  In addition, the school will be required to submit a police report on each item as per the State of Hawaii technology use policies. Our office is open from 7:30 am - 4:00 pm daily.

#2. Report cards. Students who came on Friday received a hard copy of their report card. The office will be mailing out report cards tomorrow to those students who were not on campus on Friday and do not have something at the office for them (e.g., goody bag, award certificate.)

#3. Fifth-grade celebration. We had our fifth-grade promotion ceremony last week Thursday. It was four separate assemblies grouped by their class. It was wonderful to see our distance learners joining their class to receive their certificate of completion, awards, and watch their promotion video together. Congratulations, fifth graders! The following link is our Fifth-grade Promotion Video containing slides made by our mighty fifth-graders. Go to http://bit.ly/kwepromotionvideo. It will also be on our website. 

Those fifth-graders who DID NOT attend the ceremony, please come to the office to pick up your certificate(s), goody bags, and we will also have your report card waiting for you. 

#4. Qtr 4 and End-of-year awards video. Please go to the following link to view our Quarter 4 and End-Of-Year Awards video: http://bit.ly/kweQTR4assembly  Those who received an award may come to the office to pick it up. We will also have your report card. 

#5. Performance Video. We have an end-of-year video showcasing classes singing, playing instruments, and dancing. Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/kwealohaassembly. Enjoy! It will also be on our website.

This has been a full year! It has been my pleasure serving as your vice principal. Thank you, students, parents, families, and staff for staying the course, and doing your best despite the challenges. We are the mighty lions and we proved ourselves to be mighty! 

Have a safe and enjoyable summer! Remember, We are the Lions. We are the future!


Mrs. Heyler

Debbie Heyler
Kalihi Waena Elementary School
Vice Principal
ph: 808-832-3210
KWES' Vision: 
Kalihi Waena, a place of excellence, is committed 
to lifelong learning, student growth and nurturing the whole child.
-Everyone has a story to tell.
-Bloom where planted.